Mar 24,2014
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Lets have sex and watch lotr.




Feb 5,2014
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000030 by *dapple dapple on Flickr.

Feb 5,2014
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Jan 31,2014
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Getting lost in Osaka today.

Jan 29,2014
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Last night was officially the last night I would spend in my apartment. And today I must pack up and move all of my things out.

It’s a very strange feeling, as I put away or throw out my possessions. One by one, I am erasing myself from this place. I am removing all traces of evidence that I even existed here. My memory is eradicated from this place. Was I even here at all? Unless you saw it with your own eyes, you’d never know.

Change and moving on are tough for me. Not because the new is scary and uncertain, but I mourn for what’s lost - what only remains in memories, and what we’ll never have a chance to happen again.

This room on the thirteenth floor was my home and my comfort place. And now I’m taking all signs of my presence away from it.

It’s a lonely kind of feeling.

Jan 22,2014
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Jan 22,2014
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The difference between dogs and cats teaching their young about stairs x

oh my god

Jan 11,2014
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me talking to the boy i like

Jan 9,2014
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I have so much trouble sleeping these days. Here’s another early morning wake up in my apartment.